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Looking for Team Day Ideas? We have found you your next team building day and no, we’re not sending you to the set of Game of Thrones. Get ready to surprise the work crew with an alternative day out of the office perfecting your axe throwing bullseye. This axe throwing team day near Dublin is guaranteed to be a hit.


Axe throwing is not as wild and woolly as it sounds. It’s a disciplined activity that demands finesse and focus to do it right. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to embed your axe in a small target with a maximum point scoring bulls eye in the middle.


This is a great team day out as it produces surprises that upset the usual hierarchy. You’ll quickly see that the those scoring high will be the ones you least expect to have a hidden Viking within. This completely changes people’s attitudes towards them. The sport is equally suitable for men and women because it’s not about strength – it’s more about timing, concentration and body movement.


As well as being a physical workout, it’s a great form of stress relief. The Axe Throwing team have found that people, especially men, are more inclined to chat about personal challenges when they’re outside in nature and participating in an activity like this. It’s also a great way to get outside and away from computer screens.

What does the axe throwing session entail? Firstly you’ll get an introduction to axe throwing with Flying Angel Axes, inc safety, self coaching and technique. Then, a few practice throws so everyone gets the hang of it. Next up, competition time! The team will run a competition to see who the top dogs are in your group which will lead to the might Crowning of the Axe Champion and prize giving ceremony.


A private axe throwing session is €30pp for 12 to 24 people and lasts about 90 minutes. It’s in Killruddery House and Gardens in Bray but if you want to arrange another location, don’t be afraid to ask the team.


Feeling like you want even more from your day at Kilruddery? Opt for the Viking fire and lunch in the woods. You’ll cook your own campfire quesadillas for lunch or dinner with wild fruit cordial drinks and tea and coffee. The wood activities include edible deadible wildplants activity, viking fire making in teams, kelly kettle/fire tea race, coffee break/biscuits. Its a chance to absorb the woodland light, sounds and feel the calm. It’s then time to learn how to axe throw (same itinerary as above). The event is €55pp and will last 3 to 4 hours depending on the number of people. It’s for 12 to 24 people.


Contact the Axe Club team directly on BASH here. Book via BASH for no additional cost plus we’ll shower you with some extras for the team plus gifts for the person booking the event. Location: Killruddery House and Gardens in Bray.


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