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Hi ladies, this is the first instalment on our baby showers in Ireland feature. The first post is an overview with some stats from our recent survey.

We have three more features on baby showers which will cover ideas for throwing a baby shower, gifting and venues in Dublin for a baby shower. Please share any thoughts or feedback in the comments below on this feature. Read on for some details on this emerging trend of Baby Shower Boom! The rise of baby showers in Ireland.


What are baby showers?

Yes, we have all heard of them. We have seen them on tv shows or movies and understand that baby showers are a well established rite of passage for a mama to be in America. In fact Stateside they are taking it to the next level and you could even receive an invitation to a spin off event such as ”Gender Reveal“ parties (where the baby’s sex is revealed to guests via a cake, balloon confetti , or a variety of other creative methods),”Sip and See “parties (friends meeting the new arrival en masse) or even “Sprinkles” (a lower key event where a second, or third etc. baby is on the way and the parents already have all the essential equipment but “top-up” gifts such as bathtime products or clothing basics are bestowed).

Over here, baby showers are still a newer phenomenon but definitely on the rise. Many of us are embracing the opportunity to celebrate our female pals and their good news and get all their friends together at an exciting stage in their lives. It’s also not confined to your best friends, if you have a close colleague who is due to go on maternity leave, it’s a great opportunity to gather some of the work crew and wish her well.


73% of Irish women state that they would like a baby shower. The main reasons for wanting a baby shower include celebrating their happiness and spending time with friends. It was also highlighted that the focus comes much more on the baby once they arrive and the mums and dads are forgotten. Here are some of the comments we received were:


“It really cheered me up. Pregnancy can be tough and I don’t have much family for support. It really meant a lot to have friends who love me treat me to such a wonderful day.”


“To show that mum to be is not alone and that it is not just about the baby. I find that mum is always forgotten about and not to mention poor dad! It’s a great day to share happiness and dampen any worries for mum.”


“A way to make mammy feel special before all priority and limelight gets ptmut on new arrival for the next forsee able future.” “All of the above , a good chance to catch up with friends and family before baby arrives and things get hectic”


“A great source of support and time with friends to help ease nerves of impending childbirth. Laughter cures all”


Of the 27% who would not like  a baby shower, the main reasons are expense for others and superstition.  Below are some comments on their thoughts and you can see that the pressure to gift turns people off.


“I would like one if guests did not bring gifts as I feel that is putting pressure on everybody to give a present before baby and then after baby as well!”


“I’d hate to put the expense on people as all my friends and family buy gifts for the birth and christening a baby shower is too much.”


Baby showers seem to be the norm for the first baby arriving however when it comes to babies 2, 3 and beyond you can forget about a baby shower! They can also be a little difficult for women who want a baby and aren’t in a position to have one so these can also be sensitive events.

That it’s it for our intro into Baby Shower Boom! The rise of baby showers in Ireland. Stay tuned for our next feature on baby shower ideas and venues in Dublin.

As always, your thoughts and comments are very welcome below.







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