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Easy party booking with Bash

Easy party booking with Bash

The easy way to book parties, celebrations and gatherings with friends, family and colleagues.


What is Bash?

We created Bash for modern, tech savvy females who like to be in control and want to plan a party or group event with ease. We are not booking or travel agents and there are no extra costs.

We simply enable you to FIND, CONNECT and BOOK directly with exceptional venues and activity providers.


What can I book on Bash?

From the trendiest restaurants and bars to the latest new craze, you’ll find a wide selection of fun and unique options for your celebration and even be able to create your own, personally tailored itinerary. We have handpicked every business we work to ensure that you have the best experience possible when you book via Bash. We are new so keep an eye on our updates for great new places that come on board!

The types of events you can book on Bash include stylish hen parties, baby showers, engagement parties, birthday celebrations, private parties corporate gatherings and team days and basically any excuse for doing something with a group of 6 people or more. You can book accommodation, activities, drinks and dinner. The venues and businesses we like to work with do everything to a very high standard. We also work with some new, quirky and different types of venues and events.


How does it work?

Suss it out, take a browse and find the perfect options for your event.

You’re in the driving seat. Get in touch with the venue or activity provider directly in your own time via the Bash Messenger. Simply select “Enquire Directly Now” on their listing. Your message goes straight to the right person so you can check availability or ask whatever eventplannerzilla questions you have!

Seal the deal and secure your booking by making a payment directly to your chosen venue once you have checked availability with them.


Why should I book via Bash?

We are doing everything in our power to make your booking experience as easy as possible. You can pay conveniently and securely online  using your card so you don’t have to go into your bank account to arrange to transfer money.

We have arranged special deals with all businesses so you are paying the same price (if not better!) than what you would pay if you went to them directly. You’re not paying anything extra by booking via Bash.


What else?

Depending on the occasion you’re booking for and the value of the booking, we’ll gift you with some decorations or a surprise for the guest of honour. Yes, these are for free!

You’ll also get Bash Points for our Loyalty Programme and get nice surprises from us to thank you for booking with us. And no, there are no hidden tricks or costs with this!

We’re working on making your life as easy as possible. Soon we’ll be helping you with the dreaded task of collecting money from those going to the event. You’ll just have to secure the booking and we’ll do the chasing so your party planning experience is as stress free as possible.


The Bash Vision

We want to be with you for all your group events.

Whether you’re planning the best hen party ever, want to surprise your sister with a baby shower, your mum with a nice family gathering, plan a weekend away with your friends for one of the big ones or book some fun with the girls for a catch up, we want to be here for you.