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A baby shower doesn’t have to be in a fancy venue. It is just as easy to keep it simple and have it in someone’s home. Ideally this should be a friend or parent’s home so that the guest of honour can really relax. The advantage of having a baby shower at home means there is more scope for decorating fun and games. The main downside of having it at home is that all the pressure is on the host. This is why we much prefer the option of arranging catering to reduce any workload.

So you have decided that a home baby shower is easiest, now you need to decide on the format. Yes, you could just invite everyone over and keep it simple with tea, coffee and a cake. But where is the fun in that?! Here are some ideas for throwing a baby shower at home. How to be the host with the most!


Mobile Afternoon Tea

A mobile afternoon tea party service is the perfect go to option for a baby shower at home. Businesses such as Social Bee who are based in Dublin and Oh So Sweet Occasions who are based in the South East specialise in a travelling tea party service. Both have a variety of packages, charged per head and can supply everything from food and stylish vintage inspired décor to the tea leaves. Most importantly, they serve the tea and clean up everything afterwards so everyone gets to enjoy.

Home Spa Party

Another option is to transform the living area into a spa for the afternoon and host a pampering  party. Add some mint or cucumber to some jugs of water, light your nicest smelling votives, candles and sit back and relax.  Mobile beauty services can come to your home and beautify the guests for approximately €50 per person. are a mobile beauty service based in North Dublin providing ladies pamper parties for € 50 for a choice of two treatments, based in South Dublin also offer a similar service. Generally it’s best to opt for treatments such as manicures or pedicures, that are pregnancy friendly and are also a good treatment option for a group as everyone can join in a natter while having either toes or talons tended to.

BYO Party

If outside assistance isn’t an option then why not ask the guests to help out with the catering?!  A menu that doesn’t require any cooking facilities on the day will make everything as easy as possible. Stick with an afternoon tea style menu of light snacks and baked treats. You could also arrange for a brunch baby shower and serve up a continental style breakfast event with fruit, granola and croissants. This is a nice and easy one to co-ordinate as a collaborative effort. If possible, request all the guests to bring their signature bake, cake or bread, to enjoy with tea or coffee. It will be a great discussion at the shower and create an easier conversation flow as not everyone will know each other.

For those based in the capital, Queen of Tarts on Dame Street, and The Cake Café in Grantham Street can also make homemade delights to order. A nice box of donuts from one of the many donut emporiums (our favourite is Boston Donuts) or gorgeous marshmallows or merginues from Delish Melish will never disappoint. Avoca and Marks and Spencers also have plenty of drool worthy options.

Some little baby shower extras

Grab a few bottles of bubbles if desired and serve chilled or as a mimosa on arrival. Yes this is totally American but it will be great for a little Instagram photo and adds the “special occasion” touch.

Borrow some extra teapots and cafetieres and even an extra kettle from friends in advance to make sure the tea and coffee is flowing. Depending on numbers, it might not be possible to make individual teas/nespressos for multiple people and also participate in the shower fun.


Baby Shower Entertainment

In our recent survey, the cheese factor of OTT American inspired baby showers was one of the reasons women want to steer clear. You can make this as simple or a full on as you choose.

The entertainment could centre around the gift opening but its no harm to check that is something that your most important guest is on board with this as some people may just not be comfortable unboxing in front of others. The pressure on gifting is also a little frowned upon here in Ireland based on feedback in our recent survey so we think it’s best to avoid any focus on this.

Other party games could include collecting baby pictures of friends, Dads, family members, colleagues etc. and trying to guess who’s who or perhaps even a contest on celebrity baby names, a topic which provides an almost infinite amount of quiz material!

You can buy a pretty sash or headband for the Mama to be for some group photo opportunities, which will offer great “Throwback Thursday” reminiscing over the following years. While it’s always nice to receive the baby swag (as a friend has christened it), the genuine pleasure in throwing an expectant Mum a Baby shower is giving her lovely memories of being spoiled by her friends before the real VIP makes their appearance. And of course a good baby shower cake!

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